Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitter Safety

Twitter is fun yet it could be quite dangerous at the same time. Why is that you say?

Well if you are one of the unlucky ones who tell the world every bit of information that you do such as " I am going on vacay for two weeks out of the country" and say Villain X sees that information..
well Mr. X can find out more information about you and rob ya blind.

It has happened and was reported.

In this video we talk about twitter and being safe while using it.
Please review our video and comment any other tips you seem fit. We can always make more videos to update and make this a Safe Twitter Nation.

ATTN: PARENTS - we've included additional safety information to cover the safety of your children who uses social sites such as twitter, facebook, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this video and keep an eye out for more great stuff to come.

James Delong and Steven Delong give you a little insight on twitter safety.

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